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Social media is no easy craft to master, it’s an essential needed to be learned to able to grow as a brand efficiently. However, after 5 years we’ve mastered it completely and have grown countless brands to astronomical heights.

As a brand social proof is an absolute must and required to succeed. We can help your brand have strong social proof in many ways. Verification might look like a little blue badge but it’s a gateway to being boosted in the algorithm as well as others seeing you as a high status and trusted brand. A high following has similar effect, people will notice others following your brand and will want to join in.

Social proof isn’t everything however, you can get a large fanbase by having good clothing and being marketed well. Having celebrities wearing or endorsing your brand will make others be attracted to your brand and it’s status. We have connections to many celebrities that can shout your brand out, wear it and even help design it. We also can driveĀ  sales directly to your store with mass advertising through Instagram and TikTok.

What we offer for brands

Follower Growth

Increase your follower count through many ways ranging from shout-out campaigns to fashion niche page traffic.


Verify your brand to show you're the real deal and be boosted in Instagram's trust based algorithm.

Celebrity Promotions

Become promoted on many celebrities social media accounts to grow your following and fanbase.

Direct Sales

Increase your sales with our mass promotion campaigns running 24/7.

Press Publication

Get articles published about your brand on 50+ different sites ranging from to

Account Management

Enjoy top tier profile management from experts that have grown millions of followers for other brands.


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